Secrets from the U.K.’s Biggest Ice Producer

Struggling to not dilute your drinks with ice? Want to know what ice works best for spirits? Tristan sits down with Gavin Marks, the Managing Director of Eskimo Ice, to find out about the perfect chill.


Eskimo Ice is the U.K.’s top ice manufacturer, distributing and packing ice across the U.K. and Europe for over forty years. Realising a gap in the market for ice production that directly targets bartenders and mixologists, they created their exclusive Ice Club Diamond Collection to cater towards this growing need. 


Creating supersized, slow-melting, and crystal clear ice cubes, Ice Club Diamond Collection is able to service premium cocktails and allow bars to offer incredible guest experiences. 

Tristan talks with Gavin about: 

  • Why ice quality matters
  • How ice can upgrade your cocktail offering
  • What ice you should be using in your drinks

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