Sex, Dating and Disabilities | S2 April Minisode

Following last episodes discussion on A Quiet Kind Of Thunder - we find out more about the themes of sex and disability covered with the help of some friends!Follow us on Twitter: SO MUCH TO OUR GUESTSThis is Emily: Williams, founder of Enhance the UK YOU WIN A BOOK? Check your DMs!@sarahgsykes - Nina@oijamiee - Asking For It@ohthatfangal - All The Rage@originalafro- Nina @ayeshasamia97 - A Quiet Kind of Thunder@jxdieleighh - Nina@sophecaws - A Quiet Kind of Thunder@queerasfun0 - A Quiet Kind of Thunder@saralucy1 - Fifty Shades@catasneb - Fifty Shades@georgiiaagrace - Men Are From Mars BUY A BANGING BOOK MARK!…cat=4917Hannah: Lucy: Book Club Playlist:…n8Zjim_hjOZAgoy8Y2017 Reading List:…MzE0hlqFfCEU/editGoodreads group:…anging-book-club

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