The Bananas’ (Not So) Secret Relationship With TikTok With Kara Heater And Savanah Alaniz

Baseball is a legit demographic on TikTok and the Savannah Bananas are leading right on top with somewhere around 300,000 followers. Behind this phenomenal rise are Kara Heater and Savanah Alaniz. Kara is the Bananas’ Marketing Director and has been with the team for more than two years, while Savanah is a Pop Culture Prodigy who has shown social media mastery in merely six months since joining the company. Joining forces to educate Jared Orton of the power of this new, powerful platform, Kara and Savanah tell us how they got a good grasp of the TikTok algorithm and found a way to use it to boost the team’s popularity. This episode contains good information that you can use if you’re thinking about putting your business on the platform. If this episode does not convince you that TikTok is not just for 13 year olds, nothing ever will.

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