Episode 49: Regina King on race, spirituality and Time's Up

Balance bows down to Hollywood royalty for a very special episode of the podcast as we are joined by awards magnet Regina King (three Emmys, a Golden Globe and an Oscar - and that's just for starters!).

Regina is star of the new smash TV show Watchmen, inspired by the seminal graphic novel. You can watch now on Sky and NOW TV (it is flipping brilliant!).

We talk race, which is a key theme of Watchmen (the opening is inspired by a shocking, real-life incident that took place in Tulsa in 1921), as well as intuition, spirituality and Time's Up.

And Balance gets to personally congratulate someone who has essentially been on a hot streak since 1991 (if you're going to make your big screen debut, how about making it in Boyz N The Hood?!).

As ever, please get in touch at podcast@balance.media and sales@balance.media.

And huge and heartfelt thanks to Regina and everyone who made the chat possible.


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