Episode 129: Antoinette Tuff on how she became an accidental hostage negotiator

BALANCE and Fora - The Flexible workplace platform reimagining the working day - have partnered to bring you the 'Amazing Lives' podcast. This is a live-streamed recording hosted by BBC Radio London's Jumoké Fashola, with special guest Antoinette Tuff, created and produced by Tim Arthur.

Antoinette became an accidental hostage negotiator when a gunman entered an elementary school in Georgia, USA.

“The first words I heard were, ‘today everybody dies.’ That's when I looked up and saw him standing there with an AK-47 in his hand.”

On 19 August 2013, Antoinette Tuff from Decatur, Georgia, was a severely depressed school bookkeeper, devastated by the break-up of her 33 year-long marriage. As a single mother, she was now faced with the daunting challenge of raising a son with multiple disabilities and a daughter in law school while facing bankruptcy.

The next day, her life changed forever. She managed to prevent a mass shooting.

Antoinette now gives talks all over the world teaching people the three Cs of how to negotiate your way through a crisis – stay ‘calm, confident and compassionate’. She recently launched her Living On Purpose Program which teaches women how to be bold, brave and fearless and keep themselves safe in any situation.


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