Episode 8 (bonus episode!): Kevin Smith on surviving the Widow Maker

Welcome to a bonus episode of the BALANCE podcast! Why is it a bonus episode? We explain on the podcast.

Our guest is the brilliant Kevin Smith. Now, if you had to choose one person to talk in order to save your life, you'd go for Kevin.

A modern-day PT Barnum, Kevin exploded on to the scene with 1994 movie Clerks, and has since become a beloved director, writer, spoken-word artist and podcaster.

Here, he talks to BALANCE about how he survived a huge heart attack and how he's changed his lifestyle in order to save his life. What's more, you can see the great man LIVE! He's playing several dates in the UK from 11 May - you're in for a treat!

As you'll discover, if pursuing a passion is a key to a happy life, then Kevin is positively bursting with the sort of energy and enthusiasm that's hugely infectious.

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