Episode 10:With Dan Beasley-Harling from GBBO S9!

Welcome to episode seven of #BakeOffUndressed with Topless Baker - aka Matt Adlard! It’s the FINAL EPISODE guys - and we’ve come a long way! The week we started this podcast we didn’t know if anyone would even listen, and this week we have an actual real life GBBO contestant from this years show! We’re joined by the lovely Dan Beasley-Harling - who is just as sassy IRL as he seems on the show. We got loads of BTS gossip - much of it too hot for broadcast, and chatted about a slightly controversial final episode. Outdoor baking...really??

Don’t worry guys - GBBO is over for another year, but we’re not going anywhere. Make sure you’re subscribed, following me on social media and checking #BakeOffUndressed on Twitter every hour - as we’re announcing something new and exciting here really soon!

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