Ep 377 | Will This Ruin The Wedding? | The Bad Stuff

In this weeks TBS Jody talks horses and Mike Bushell. Did Mike ride the horse?
David lets us in on his secret plan for his wedding.
Its a plan that even Blackadder's Baldrick  would find less than cunning.
No one is likely to say, "I love it when a plan comes together" after this plan goes off...
It's not a good plan.
But who will get the blame?
Will he pin it all on Jody?
Or YouTube editor Andy? 
Its anyone's guess!
The boys also talk about running.
David has made amazing progress in the last few weeks... but will he win the sub 18 minute Park Run bet?
Is the bet even still on?
The Trail Pursuit controversy... Find out Jody's feelings on race company excuses and try and spot David's Joke!  But is Jody more upset about the misspelling of "Pursuit?" 
And who is the YouTube fact checker troll?  Is "Pete" a DoBadder in disguise?  
Should "Pete" try another Podcast?