Ep 333: Finding Hope Together With Carina White, Katherine May & Anita Cleare

Stuck on how to keep your kids learning and entertained now the schools are closed, or just want some hope for the future look no further!

Harriet speaks to people from all over the country about their feelings surrounding the current Covid-19 situation in the UK. Harriet and her guests (not in the studio for obvious reasons) will be offering much-needed advice, solace and a reminder that as a nation we are all in this together.

Carina White of Dope Black Mum’s is talking to Harriet about why is racism stopping black people from swimming and the myth that’s causing this. And also they discuss how she and her daughter are dealing with the school closure and the anxiety around the risk to an elderly family member. Also talking about being at home with the kids is author Katherine May who has now been thrown back into the homeschooling schedule, she tells Harriet how she will be coping this time round. And Anita Cleare child development expert is walking parents and carers through how they can keep their children entertained and still educated during the school closure.

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