Ep 304: Working to Irradiate Violence Against Women with Laurie-anne Power, Di Carter and Hayley Nolan

Today is the international day for the irradiation of violence against women and we are looking at what is still to be done for women who are suffering as a result of violence.

Joining the ladies in the studio is barrister Laurie-Anne Power, together they are discussing the tragic death of backpacker Gracie Millane, Laurie-Anne explains that consent cannot be given to any form of violence in sex and “rough sex” is no defence for causing death. Two women a year are dying as a result of “rough sex” and we cannot accept this as an acceptable thing for men to be used against women.

The TV Network A&E have started an end abuse against women campaign to tell more stories of women facing violence Di Carter is the commissioning editor and producer of “Murdered by my husband” she explains why she felt these stories needed to be brought into the public attention. With a horrible fact that two women a week die from domestic abuse Di Talks about the work, she witnessed at help centre Refuge.

And history is being re-written in the studio this week, the story of Anne Boleyn is being brought to light and the truth of Henry XIII behaviour toward his wife, and the truth of this historical tale. Hayley Nolan has written a book to bring to light the fact that everything your history lessons taught you about this tale was all lies!

If you have been affected by issues raised in this weeks episode please follow these link for help and advice: 





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