Ep 186: Vaginas Need A Museum, with Florence Schechter

Just when you thought you had your vagina sussed out - Florence Schechter will blow your mind in this week's Badass Women's Hour.

The founder of the world's first Vagina Museum, and possibly the most enthusiastic vagina expert you've ever heard, chats to Harriet, Natalie and Emma about all things vaginas and vulva. Men have labia. Whales have vaginas. Women used to wear merkins... there is no end to what you will find out in this conversation.

Oh and before you ask there is a Penis museum, and it's in Iceland. Find out more at vaginamuseum.co.uk

In the news, Harriet, Natalie and Emma discuss some "meta-news" about Talk Radio's James Whale and how he handled Nichi Hodgson's story about sexual harrassment. Cat calling has been made illegal in France - hoorah! And find out about the Indian girls being forced to marry for visas.

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