Ep 332: No Shame Here with Lottie Drynan

Having tummy troubles but too embarrassed to talk about it? Meet the lady who is banashing the shame around all things loo-related.

Lottie Drynan is living with IBS and her well known instagram account Tummy Diaries has been avnodcating and sharing information on IBS. She started her instagram to share how she was navigating the early days of her diagnosis and how it changed her day to day to from toilet trips to the food she was eating including the ins and outs her “low fod map” diet.

Harriet and Carrie also open up about their own issues with IBS and IBD. 

Lottie talks about how she dealt with understanding how to adjust her life and mind set to ease her symptoms. Says her openness online also helped her close friends and family to be more open to the topic and not feel shame.

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