Ep 270: The Art Of Being Pre-rich with Emilie Bellet.

Harriet and Carrie Grant, who is stepping in for Emma and Nat this week, are joined by the founder of “Vest Pod” Emilie Bellet.

Emilie gives her advice for saving, sharing her techniques that are instinctive and actually work for us, and how to instil a “saving mindset”.

She is talking about how working in finance taught her that we need to re-evaluate where we’re at with our attitudes to savings.

The ladies are talking about the fact that women are not receiving the financial education to manage their money effectively! Harriet and Carrie admit their own mistakes with money and as two self employed ladies they are asking “are freelancers spending money to earn money”? So, Emilie explains what the savings difficulties can be when you're self employed.

Emilie's new book; "You're Not Broke You're Pre-Rich" is out now!

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