Ep 331: Coronavirus, Creating Community and The Truth Of Our Desire with Vic Goddard and Dr Karen Gurney

Can the coronavirus outbreak create community, and lots of babies? The Badass ladies find out.

Harriet and her special co-hosts this week, Carrie Grant and Sarah Mulindwa talk to Vic Goddard headmaster of Passmores Academy who is working to help children who receive free school meals during the coronavirus school ban. Hear what Vic is doing to make sure that if schools do close due to the Coronavirus families who nee this support still receive it despite their children not being in school. 

The ladies talk about the impact that coronavirus will have on different areas of our community and what the government’s advice thus far means for them, as well as what can we do as a community to help those of us who need it most, people who may feel lonely whilst self isolating and those who may experienced elevated levels of anxiety.

And joining them in the studio is Dr Karen Gurney aka The Sex Doctor.

Karen is a clinical psychologist that specialises in sex, she is helping people with their sexual problems and dissatisfaction with their sex life, she describes herself as “a personal trainer for you sex life” - pretty self explanatory.

Karen shares that over half of women and just under half of men are concerned about their sex life and admits there is no normal when it comes to sex, and as a society we can have a particular idea of what sex should be, but Karen clarifies that sex comes in all different shapes, sizes and positions. 

Harriet, Carrie and Sarah hear about the truth of our desire, and how our desire for sex and our partners actually works and why it may fade after a year or two. But don’t fear Karen also explains how to get it back.

And finally, how can sex help us fight the new virus by raising our immune system or will isolation just create lots of babies

Karen's book is out now, click here for more info.

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