Ep: 329 The End of A Badass Era with Karen Lynch, Claire Nelson, Christy Lefteri and Amy Peake

This will be one of two final instalments of Badass Womans Hour as we know it! Emma and Natalie are moving onto new adventures and Harriet will be going it solo from now on. So here's a whole hour and half of badass chat!

On this final Badass Womans Hour show with the original line up of wonderful ladies, they're talking the eradication of tampon tax, falling, water and sisterhood!

The first guests are Laura and Nicky, two inspiring woman both living with terminal cancer who have started a support group for women fighting cancer, secondary sisters. They share what this means for day to day life and why they were inspired to create this support network.

So Natalie is off to a new job, she will be the new CEO of Belu Water, however before she leaves the show she invited the current CEO into the studio Karen Lynch, explains how the company is looking at the environmental impact of our water use and how they can change and create positive disruption in the industry.

Amy Peake is the founder of Loving Humanity who provide women and girls in war zones with access sanitary products, she shares the tales that made her want to help these women and her journey to becoming an activist.

Author Claire Nelson shares her incredible story of a fall that changed her life, after an adventures trip to escape London, which resulted in a physical injury that turned her life upside down, her book "Things I Learned From Falling" is out now.

And the final guest is Christy Lefteri the author of Bee Keeper of Aleppo she shares with the ladies the stories from the time she spent in a women's and children's centre in Athens, and how her own family history played a part in her humanitarian work and writing.

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