Special: Let's Watch Grosse Pointe & Models Inc!

We're off this week but we're setting you up with back-to-back selections from our Patreon supporter show Again With Again With This.

019: Let's Watch Darren Star Burn Down Beverly Hills, 90210 In The Series Premiere Of Grosse Pointe!

The corpse of Beverly Hills, 90210 was barely cold when its creator, Darren Star, jumped networks and joined forces with Robin Schiff for The WB's Grosse Pointe, a savage behind-the-scenes satire of a fictional teen drama that feels eerily familiar....

023: Let's Talk About The Series Premiere Of Models Inc.!

We couldn't transition from the second season of Melrose Place to the third without a brief stop at its sexy spinoff, Models Inc. to find out what became of Sarah, Hillary, and Teri -- at least in the very first episode. (Short version: things aren't great for any of them!)

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