Episode 80 - re:Invent 2020 - Customer Engagement, Gaming, IOT, Marketplace, and More!

In this episode of TechChat we continue our four part re:Invent 2020 series with this episode covering Customer Engagement, Gaming, IOT and Industry, Marketplace, Misc.., and closed out with Partner Updates.

For Customer Engagement, we talked about:

* Contact Lens now supports real-time contact center analytics to detect customer issues on live calls
* Combine this with Connect Wisdom to pull up call relevant info to the agent in real-time. I love the warranty/support example you gave here ear
* Voice ID provides real-time caller authentication with no changes to the natural call flow and fall back to traditional authentication methods.
* Customer Profiles give you a unified view of your customers
* Connect Tasks makes it easy to prioritize, assign, track, and automate contact center agent tasks
* And if you're in or have call centers Latin America, 10 new price drops for telephony rates and new inbound numbers were announced at ReInvent.

For you gamers or game developers out there:

* GameLifts FlexMatch now works regardless of where developers host their game. So maybe we’ll see more cross-platform multi-player games match players across their game vs just that

In IOT and Industrial topics we covered:

* The new Lookout family of services. First one’s for
* Equipment for detecting abnormal equipment behavior and encouragin predictive maintenance
* Lookout for Vision will ingest images from the product line to he automate quality inspection
* And finally Lookout for Metrics, will help you apply similar anomaly detection to any of your business data and respective metrics.
* If your machinery doesn’t have sensors, then you can leverage Monitron, an end-to-end system you can buy at amazon.com (http://amazon.com/) to detect abnormal equipment behavior.
* And finally Table charts added to IoT SiteWise help tabulate and visualize the latest key operational metrics like equipment properties and other machine data

For Marketplace updates we had:

* You can now purchase Professional Services for third-party software from the Marketplace
* If you’re using the Private Marketplace, you now have API access to automate and scale out your operations and access.

And some general updates we’re going to group together:

* IGMP is now supported in Transit Gateway to easily deploy, manage and scale multicast applications
* Audit Manager helps prep for audits automating collection of data on AWS resources.
* Glue Elastic Views is in Preview for creating materialized views of your data.
* And Elasticsearch Service now supports Glue Elastic Views
* License Manager enhances automated discovery with tag-based search and detection of software uninstalls
* And also provides central management for Entitlements purchased from the Marketplace
* And finally, Service Catalog AppRegistry can be used to define and describe your applications running in AWS

Partner updates:

* Foundational Technical Review Lens now available in the AWS Well-Architected Tool along with SaaS Lens
* SaaS Factory Insights Hub helps providers gain insights with various types of content
* While SaaS Boost will help partners accelerate their solutions into a SaaS offering.
* Introducing the New AWS Travel and Hospitality Competency as well as the
* APN Travel & Hospitality Navigate track for partner in those verticals or looking to enter.
* And Finally AWS Public Safely and Disaster Response Technology Partners are goto partners to help our customers around the world improve organizational capacity to prepare, respond, and recover from emergencies and disasters.