Episode 78 - re:Invent 2020 - Compute, Storage, Security & Network Wrap

In this episode of TechChat we start our 4 part re:Invent 2020 series with this episode covering all ‘Security’, ‘Network’, ‘Compute’ and ‘Storage’ announcements.

We started reviewing security announcements

* AWS Security Hub (https://aws.amazon.com/security-hub/) can now automatically receive findings from the Kube-bench (https://github.com/aquasecurity/kube-bench).
* AWS Audit Manager is a new service that helps you continuously audit your AWS usage and automates evidence collection to make it easier for you to assess whether your policies, procedures, and activities are operating effectively.
* CloudTrail provides more granular control of data event logging through advanced event selectors

Before pivoting to Network updates

* AWS Transit Gateway Inter-region Peering is Now Available in additional regions which provides you more choice in how you architect your network and software stack.
* AWS Transit Gateway Connect brings SD-WAN connectivity to your VPC
* AWS Global Accelerator launches custom routing allowing you to route multiple users to a specific EC2 destination in a single or multiple AWS Regions by directing them to a unique port on your accelerator
* VPC Reachability Analyzer is here to simplify connectivity testing and troubleshooting, a great win for customers

Compute brings a raft of new instance and instance types

* EC2 Mac instances for macOS
* New instance types (M5zn high frequency and 100Gbps | D3 and D3en, the next generation of dense HDD storage instances | R5b instances featuring 60 Gbps of EBS Bandwidth and 260K IOPS | G4ad instances, powered by AMD Radeon Pro V520 GPUs)
* Local Zones in Boston, Houston, and Miami
* AWS Managed Services supports AWS Outposts
* Amazon Machine Images now support tag-on-create and tag-based access control

And finally to round out the show we discussed storage

* New EBS general purpose volumes, gp3
* EBS io2 volumes now support SAP workloads
* Tiered pricing for input/output operations per second (IOPS) charges for Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) io2 volume, reducing the cost of provisioning peak IOPS by 15%
* quadruples per-volume maximum capacity and performance on io2 volume
* S3 Replication adds support for two-way replication
* S3 Bucket Keys reduce the costs of Server-Side Encryption with AWS Key Management Service
* S3 now delivers strong read-after-write consistency automatically for all applications
* S3 Replication adds support for multiple destinations in the same, or different AWS Regions

Stay tuned as we cover all aspects of re:invent 2020 in our coming multi-part re:Invent update

Shane Baldacchino - Edge Specialist Solutions Architect, ANZ, AWS
Shai Perednik - Solutions Architect, AWS