Episode 83 - CloudFront Functions Edge Computing Special

In this episode of AWS TechChat, we took a journey out the edge, and gave you an in-depth look in to a new product that we have released to market, CloudFront Function. I interviewed 2 special guests from our CloudFront service team, David Brown and Raji Sundararajan who gave me the low down on the major feature release.
We started the show setting down a foundation of what is Edge Computing, how Edge Computing is changing modern architectures and some of the shortcomings customers face with Lambda @ Edge before introducing CloudFront Functions
CloudFront Functions, which is a feature of Amazon CloudFront, enables you to write lightweight functions in JavaScript for high-scale, latency-sensitive CDN customizations.
CloudFront Functions can manipulate the requests and responses that flow through CloudFront, perform basic authentication and authorization, generate HTTP responses at the edge and more.
I then wore that hat of you, our customer and spend the better half of the show in a Q&A session with Raji and David to which we cover patterns, anti patterns, performance, the developer experience and more.

Shane Baldacchino - Edge Specialist Solutions Architect, ANZ, AWS
David Brown - Sr. Product Manager, Cloudfront Service Team
Raji Sundararajan - Software Development Manager, CloudFront Service Team