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It’s 17 years since Cindy Gambino’s ex-husband Robert Farquharson murdered their three sons, ten-year-old Jai, seven-year old Tyler and three-year old Bailey by deliberately driving his car into a dam on the side of the Princes highway, near Winchelsea, West of Geelong on father’s day in 2005.


Cindy Gambino died last week as the result of a medical emergency at her home in country Victoria. She was just 50 years old.


Journalist and author Megan Norris developed a close relationship with Cindy in the years after the boys’ deaths as they worked on a book together. The book is called On Father’s Day, and Megan was one of our first guests on Australian True Crime back in 2017. She joined us to talk about the extraordinary experience of writing that book.

You can pre order Megan Norris's upcoming book 'Messiah's Bride' here.


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