The Granny Killers That Walked Free - #2

When Marie Greening Zidan's handbag was stolen by two boys, she called the police. She couldn't get to the station to report it, it was a Saturday, and the 73-year-old was caring for her disabled adult son. The police said to her "We can't get to you. We will come on Monday." But Monday came too late. The boys, aged 15 and 16, came back the next day and raped, bashed and murdered the grandmother while her disabled son lay terrified in another room.Just days after the horrifying home invasion, the killers called Marie's daughter and left her taunting phone messages. They were eventually charged with manslaughter. And now, they walk free.Show notes:

Your hosts are Meshel Laurie and Emily WebbWith thanks to Janine Greening from the Forgetmenot foundation and Tiffany Overall, youth worker with Youth Law.Emily Webb's books, Suburban Nightmare is published by EchoMurder in Suburbia and Angels of Death are available on KindleContact us on the facebook page

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