Queensland's Crooked Kings

Matthew Condon is an Australian author and journalist who has published multiple books on the history of corruption in the Queensland police force and state government. Our conversation today covers the events that led up to, and following, the Fitzgerald enquiry, which lead to custodial sentences for three former senior QLD ministers, and for the police commissioner, Terry Lewis. Joh Bjelke-Petersen, the longest running QLD premiere, was also sacked and tried for perjury.

Matthew Condon is as fascinated today as he's ever been by Queensland's history of corruption, which really is the kind of thing you would think is over the top if it were in a movie, but it's all very, very true...

Matthew's books on Queensland corruption, collectively known as the Three Crooked Kings trilogy, can be viewed below:

Jacks and Jokers

Three Crooked Kings

All Fall Down

Matthew has a new podcast titled Dig: Sirens Are Coming, and he is also currently assisting on Hedley Thomas' new podcast The Teacher's Trial.


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Guest: Matthew Condon

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Additional audio taken from the Four Corners report, the "The Moonlight State".

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