Organised crime loves supply chains

Episode 290 of Australian True Crime with Meshel Laurie & Emily Webb.

What does organised crime have to do with supply chains…and how is forensic science used to trace things like gold, diamonds and even food.

These were the questions I had for Western Australia based Cameron Scadding who is a Forensic and Analytical Chemist and founder and Managing Director of a company called Source Certain International.

Over the course of his career Cameron has worked on some fascinating and strange cases using forensic science to help solve crime.

and he’ll tell us about one of these cases in more detail - the theft of gold from a mine in Kalgoorlie, the hub of the Western Australian goldfields. 

Cameron and his team also work to reduce the ways criminals can infiltrate the supply chains of products that we all rely on…even though we may not know it.

Re. The gold that was stolen in the Operation Icarus case, Cameron calculated that based on this year’s prices (2021) (which is around $80,000AUD per kilogram) the gold recovered (and remember that it’s thought that more gold was stolen than was recovered) it was worth $800,000AUD.

Thanks to this week’s guest Cameron Scadding, founder and managing director of Source Certain International.

If you’re interested in learning more about organised crime, Emily guest hosted a podcast episode for the ATO’s podcast Tax InVoice about financial crime called “Lying, cheating thieves”. Listen here.

If you’re digging the topic of crime trends Episode #190 of Australian True Crime is with criminologist Don Weatherburn.

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