Murder in Albury - Kim Meredith's Parents and the 5 Minute Window: A Belinda Neil Case - #116

Bob and June Meredith were living a simple but idyllic life with their teenage children in Albury in 1996, until a chance encounter with a stranger tore it apart. They join us to tell us about the murder of their daughter Kim. Later in the episode, former homicide detective and lead investigator Belinda Neil joins us to talk about how Kim’s murder investigation changed her life.Warning: please be advised this episode contains graphic content.Show notes for Episode 116:Your hosts are Meshel Laurie and Emily WebbWith thanks to Bob Meredith, June Meredith and Belinda Neil.Like us on Facebook ​Follow us on Instagram or TwitterSupport us on PatreonPurchase Under Siege in our BookshopListen on Apple PodcastsListen on Google PodcastsListen on SpotifyIf you have any information on the cases covered by this podcast, please contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.Thank you for listening!

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