Missing Suzie Lawrance

Suzanne Lawrance, known as Suzie, has been missing from Healesville, Victoria since February 7 1987.

Suzie went missing sometime late on Saturday night 7 February/early morning 8 February when she was walking home after attending a 21st birthday party at the town’s Memorial Hall.


She’s never been heard of since. No contact with her family or friends.

There’s a lot of questions that Suzie’s family and friends have about her disappearance, the initial investigation by local police and some of the information that circulated at the time.

If you have any information that could help find out what happened to Suzanne Lawrance call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or report online at crimestoppersvic.com.au


For more information about Australian missing persons go to the Australian Federal Police’s National Missing Persons Coordination Centre website.

Thank you to Suzie’s family - Liz Westwood and Tony Lawrance and Suzie’s friends, Tracey Squires, Natalie Tulipano, Matthew Hughes and Glenn Taylor for speaking for this episode.

Here’s the official Victoria Police response to Emily’s questions about Suzie’s disappearance and police investigation:

Received 26 July 2021 via email.


Questions and responses

Is the disappearance of Suzie Lawrance still an active investigation?


The investigation into the disappearance of Suzanne Lawrance remains open. We would welcome any new information that might assist in finding answers for the family.


At the time of the disappearance, were sightings of a tow truck either parked in Queens Park or exiting the park investigated to see whether the driver sighted Suzie? 


Information around the presence of a tow truck in the area where Suzanne was seen at a time close to her disappearance has been explored. The driver of this vehicle has not been identified. We would call on the driver of any tow trucks in the area of Queens Park in Healesville on the night of the 7th or early morning of the 8th of February 1987 to come forward with any information. 


Did anyone ever come forward to say that Suzie had stayed at their house after the party?


No person has provided information of Suzanne’s whereabouts after the party that can be independently corroborated or verified. If anyone has information about where Suzanne may have travelled to on the 8th of February 1987 or any time after the party, we would like to hear from them.


Are the sightings of Suzie on 8 February 1987 in Healesville and at the festival in Yarra Glen considered credible/accurate?


The sightings reported of Suzanne post her disappearance vary in credibility and veracity. None have been able to be corroborated but some are reported by people who knew Suzanne well. We have and continue to explore all information brought to us.

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