Dimity Matters

In this episode we hear from Dimity about the night she was sexually assaulted by a stranger in 2019, the investigation from her perspective, why she chooses to speak about her experience and how she feels about it now. Most importantly though, we learn lots of other things about Dimity.

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When it comes to reporting a sexual assault – if the assault has just happened,


·      go somewhere safe, call triple 0 and ask for police.


·      Don’t disturb the area where the assault happened.


·      Don’t bath or shower.


·      Don’t eat or drink anything.


·      Don’t wash or discard the clothing you wore during the assault.



When it comes to reporting historical sexual assault,

that’s any sexual assault that happened days, weeks, months or even years ago, it’s never too late.


Delays in reporting sexual assault are very common for lots of reasons.


If you wish to report historical sexual abuse involving institutional or religious organisations, there’s a dedicated taskforce you can contact. It’s called the Sano Taskforce. You can phone 1800 110 007, or email sanotaskforce@police.vic.gov.au


All of this information is available on the Victoria Police Website.



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