Shortcut: Why should we care about conspiracy theorists and so-called sovereign citizens?

This is a "Shortcut" episode. It’s a shortened version of this week’s more detailed full episode, which is also available on our feed. 

Is it that bad if people believe in conspiracy theories? According to our guests for this episode, at first it’s funny, irritating (we all had someone we know who was sharing things that seemed a bit off beam over the past three years) and seemingly ridiculous…until it’s not.

SOS and Sandee are two women who live in outer suburban Melbourne and have day jobs and families but they have also been deep diving into the world of places and spaces where people who believe in conspiracy theories and have such a distrust in Governments that they don’t acknowledge the laws that we all have to adhere to…like having a driver's licence, paying council rates and there’s more.

SOS and Sandee go to the protests, they watch endless videos and livestreams and are among a network of others who are doing important work to get people to understand this world and the people who have positioned themselves as leaders, or ‘gurus’, in many cases who are making lots of money from followers. Some also have disturbing political motives for what they are doing.

More info:

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Lifeline  on 13 11 14

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