The A to Zof David Bowie - L Part 2

By the year 1983 Bowie had established himself as the Crowned Prince of being Predictably Unpredictable… and in that year he unleashed one of the most unexpected stages of his career to date…as the Crowned Prince of Perfect Pop! Lets Dance saw David become of one of the biggest earners in rock. He partially conquered his fear of flying…and conquered the world. Also in this episode - the three minutes of Bowiedom that were to change Marc’s life, Ziggy + The Spiders From Mars appearance on kids TV show 'Lift Of With Ayesha’, and there's a close inspection of the man who put the ‘Stardust' in Ziggy -Norman Carl Odam - aka 'The Legendary Stardust Cowboy'. All courtesy of your hosts Marc Riley and Rob Hughes.

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