The A to Z of David Bowie - R Part 6

Come on in why dontcha! For in this latest missive from the Bowie ‘boys’ from the North of England you’ll be dragging around a learning curve encompassing a venue that was witness to some of the most ambitious and thrilling gigs of Bowie’s career. The Rainbow Theatre in Finsbury Park. Also featured - a game of two halves featuring TV chat show host Russell Harty whose two on screen encounters with Bowie were not only 2 years apart - but also poles apart. The first being a bewitching and nervy affair… the second being an edgy, some would say toe-curling exchange with a 7,000 mile distance between them. Harty in London Twon…Bowie in Burbank California. Which was probably for the best. Not for the faint hearted.

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