The A to Z of David Bowie - Z Part 2 - Ziggy Stardust

So Dear Friends... the time has come. In this - the final episode of our exhaustive (and exhausting) definitive A to Z of David Bowie podcast we inevitably find ourselves at the letter Z, and where better to finish than with the character who first introduced many of us to David’s world. ZIGGY STARDUST…THE MAN THE MYTH...THE LP. To leave you in style we now present almost an hours worth of Bowiedom to wave us on our merry way. If you’d like to have a tangible artefact of the 35+ hours worth of work amassed thus far - the atzodb team are currently looking at putting together a Deluxe box-set of the entire series, complimented by a vinyl LP and booklet. If you’re interested in keeping up to date on its development - then e mail us at to join our mailing list. Also...If you should find yourself missing the dulcet tones of Rob and Marc, and the deft touches of Howard and Jason - then you can sate your appetite by joining our Bowie members club Cheap Things at Its been a long and rewarding road…so for the last time from the A To Z Team, Howard, Jason, Rob and Marc...LOVE ON YA. X

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