The Art of Creating Events, Entertaining, and Inspiring Audiences with Ronny Leber

Today, Tayo is joined by announcer and public speaker, Ronny Leber, to discuss the importance of finding one's passion, the importance of intention, and how, when it comes to finding that passion in the first place, we all must ask ourselves the right questions.  This is a particularly timely conversation given that, in the wake of COVID-19, more people are quitting their jobs and reevaluating their passions and goals than ever.  Ronny notes that he first found his passion in events that brought people together, and, naturally, he entered the world of sports to become an announcer.

He goes on to discuss public speaking tips that are rather applicable to all walks of life.  When people lose their stage presence, for example, it’s because they might not believe themselves to be enough.  Perhaps they spoke rather quietly and monotonously for fear of being judged otherwise, but Ronny argues that believing we are worthy is the first step toward public speaking confidence and confidence in general.  He and his wife record themselves daily reading aloud to practice variation of voice and increase their confidence. Ronny draws this episode to a rather fitting conclusion to discuss three important principles: focus, purpose, and action.  When we hone and zero in on these three notions, Ronny believes that everything will fall into place - and quite frankly, for him, it has.  

The Finer Details of This Episode:

  • Finding your passion 
  • Asking yourself the right questions
  • Career fatigue during COVID
  • Variation of voice during public speaking
  • Why we are enough
  • Recording his readings
  • Focus, purpose, and action
  • Michael Jackson’s incredible stage presence 







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