Moving Beyond Happiness with Jenn Lim

Author, marketplace expert, and public speaker, Jenn Lim, joins Tayo on the podcast today. Together, they engage in a deep conversation about Jenn’s journey to find happiness, why such happiness is missing in today’s workplace, and how we can start to incorporate it into both our professional and personal lives. Opening up the episode with a brief note on embracing pain and trusting in the process, Jenn notes that when we reckon with pain and discomfort, we make friends with the enemies that they once were.  And according to her, that’s just the beginning of a long path toward happiness.  

Jenn goes on to talk about the significance of trust, progress, connectedness, and, most importantly, purpose.  When we engage in activities that reinforce our values, we are more likely to decrease the amount of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity in our daily lives.  And that goes for the workplace as well.  Through her work, Jenn has witnessed so many beautiful stories of people connecting with themselves and their work in deep and meaningful ways.  And, as you listen in today, you’ll learn that you, too, can join in and experience this great happiness awakening yourself.  

The Finer Details of This Episode: 

  • Embracing pain
  • Trust, progress, connectedness, and purpose
  • Decreasing VUCA levels
  • Jenn’s own happiness journey
  • Graduating from UC Berkeley
  • Active listening


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