It’s Never Just Business: It’s About People with Jason Scott

This week, Tayo welcomes author and entrepreneur, Jason Scott, to the podcast for a discussion about getting things done, building relationships in the office, and how to turn those relationships into a booming business culture.  When he joined the Navy as a fresh 17 year old, Scott felt he lacked motivation and goals of any kind.  It wasn’t until he started to fulfill leadership roles in the Navy and work with others that he learned the value of working in a team and why that experience motivates him.

Creating a considerate and productive staff is no small feat though.  Luckily, today Jason lets us in on a few inside tips. From communicating daily accomplishments and practicing gratitude to allowing yourself to be vulnerable, the leader’s goal must always be to strengthen the group.  And Scott is very familiar with doing just that. As you will hear today, whether he’s consulting or serving in the Navy, it’s always been all about the people for Jason- a key factor in his immense success.

The Finer Details of This Episode: 

  • Joining the Navy at 17
  • Adapting to leadership roles
  • Working for your team
  • The importance of choice
  • Communicating daily accomplishments
  • Practicing gratitude 
  • Why vulnerability is an underrated skill


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