How to Develop Generational Wealth in the Black and Latinx Communities with Ryan Glover

Tayo is honored to welcome Ryan Glover, founder of the Greenwood digital banking platform, to today’s podcast. A veteran in the entrepreneurship space, and a strong believer in charity, Ryan believes that his ability to problem solve combined with his passion for the Black community has granted him success across such diverse career pursuits.  With a unique and rather varied resume, he’s used his experiences to found Greenwood, a digital banking platform for the Black community that seeks to mitigate the generational wealth gap.  Taking obvious inspiration from the Black Wall Street in Tulsa, OK in the ‘20s, he wants to encourage wealth circulation through this banking platform.

Ryan argues that the key to solving the generational wealth gap is a conglomeration of kind, intelligent individuals who are willing to create and engage with institutions that have Black excellence at heart. That’s why, he says, that he likes to surround himself with individuals smarter than him; after all, that’s arguably the only way to improve.  He goes on to discuss the inherent value in learning from others.  In fact, he owes a lot of Greenwood’s success and the platform’s extensive waitlist to the hard work of others.  He closes out this episode by reminding the audience that in following his dreams and giving back to his community, there were just as many downs as ups– if not more.  So try not to get discouraged when things don’t go according to plan - even the greats suffer from minor and major hiccups sometimes. 

The Finer Details of This Episode: 

  • The Greenwood banking platform
  • Working in the production industry
  • Why repetition is the secret to success
  • The history of Black Wall Street
  • How to solve the generational wealth gap
  • The value in learning from others
  • Greenwood’s extensive waitlist
  • Taking the downs with the ups 


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