570: Guiding Professionals of Color to a Better Workplace with Netta Jenkins

In today’s episode of the As Told by Nomads Podcast, join me and my guest, Netta Jenkins, as we talk about how sharing our experiences can impact how we educate others. Netta is an acclaimed author, diversity and inclusion executive, and the co-founder of Dipper. This platform guides professionals of color to better workplaces one review at a time, whether good, bad, or indifferent. Today, she shares with us her journey, from her previous awakening from systematic oppression to her current actions dismantling it. If you want to participate in Netta’s collective, check out her company website in the links below!

Collective Power And A Chance To Speak

For a long time, people of color have often been afraid to share their experiences with systematic oppression, whether in the education system or the workplace. But with the recent movement in black media and the rise of anti-blackness, people started to create safe spaces to share their experiences. As a result, more are coming out, owning what is going on, and taking a stand. Yes, we still need to earn money but in the end, our lives, and the lives of others like us, still matter more. Hence, we tend to share our experiences with others like us, keeping them from dangerous situations while guiding them to better solutions. Here, we raise a level of power, the kind of power only a collective can achieve. Take professionals of color in the workplace, for example. While they do have a seat at the table, they do not always have a chance to speak out because they are both outnumbered and undervalued. Hence, whether we are a part of a marginalized group or not, we still need to either facilitate a safe space for them to contribute ourselves or hold organizations accountable for not doing so themselves.

Outline of the episode:

[03:09] What led Netta to tackle systemic oppression and racism.

[06:18] How guilt propelled her to fight for people, especially marginalized groups.

[08:08] Netta’s path to becoming a Diversity and Inclusion executive.

[10:27] How the proximity to leadership is vital in dismantling systems of oppression.

[11:54] The recent movement within black media on a global scale and the rise of anti-blackness.

[15:22] What Dipper is and how it can help professionals of color navigate the job hunting space.

[18:14] The need to give qualified professionals of color the chance to speak out and contribute to organizations.

[20:46] Collective power and how sharing experiences can impact how we educate others in any field.

[22:00] How Netta finds the time to be a DI executive, a co-founder, and a mother.

[24:18] The difference between ‘Diversity & Inclusion’ and ‘Anti-Racism.’

[27:06] Where people can interact with Dipper and how they share the platform.

[27:55] How Netta Jenkins uses her difference to make a difference.




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