Failing Your Way to Success Through Improv with Erin Diehl

On today’s episode of the As Told By Nomads podcast, Tayo chats with Erin Diehl, the founder and CEO of a professional development company, a recovering perfectionist, and a podcast host on her own show, Improve It! Together, they kick off the episode by talking about Erin's love for entertainment, how it blossomed at a young age, and how it wasn’t until COVID that she found her true calling: making people laugh online and over Zoom. She recalls sleepless nights working on improv sets with her team, and goes on to remember bygone days when she suffered from being a perfectionist. Since starting meditation and learning to let go, her love for her business has only grown.  

As a self proclaimed recovering perfectionist, Diehl has finally come to understand how and why failure is so vital to our personal progress. She notes how helpful improv was to this journey, and that since failure is inevitable, it’s best to embrace it much as she has done with her genius brainchild, Laugh Break. Corporate clients hire her and her team of improv studs to host a 30-60 minute Laugh Break during a meeting over Zoom, where her goal is to make our virtual realities a little bit more enjoyable. Both Tayo and Erin close out the episode with a final note on knowing your worth - after all, life gets really good when we start to appreciate how wonderful we are.  

The Finer Details of This Episode:

  • Erin’s love for entertainment at a young age
  • COVID’s effect on her live performances
  • Sleepless nights working on improv
  • Life as a recovering perfectionist
  • Meditation and learning to let go
  • Why failure is vital for growth
  • Improv practices
  • Contributing to positive energy
  • Feeling comfortable working from home
  • Laugh breaks
  • Knowing your worth


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