Creating a Platform for Change with Levert Blount

Today, Tayo engages in a truly fascinating conversation with guest, Levert Blount, regarding Levert’s experience of losing everything to natural disaster and rebounding with his newly launched TikTok career which has already garnered him 600,000 followers. Levert opens up the episode by talking about growing up in a big family, how he learned to display love through food, and how it wasn’t until the hurricanes hit Southwest Louisiana in 2020 that his life changed forever. Having lost everything - his home, his job, and everything he knew to be normal - Levert started over living in a hotel and deciding to create a TikTok account that brings to light racial injustice and the hoax that is the American Dream, which has just taken off incredibly.

Bearing the brunt of racism in his daily life, Levert took to TikTok to talk about internalizing white supremacy, racism, and bringing its systemic nature to light to enact genuine change. In a country that’s built upon, and continues to take advantage of cheap/free labor and discrimination, the change must start with us. Levert goes on to thank God for his joyous disposition, and explains that he always found joy in the little things, and that’s what’s sustained him on this unique journey. He closes out the episode by urging the audience to create change of their own by finding their own gifts. No one can do you quite like you, so do you and do it well - there’s a world out there that needs you, just as much as it needs men like Levert Blount.

The Finer Details of This Episode:

  • Growing up with a big family
  • Showing love through food
  • Losing everything to natural disaster
  • Levert’s TikTok success
  • Living between landfills
  • Internalizing white supremacy and racism
  • The American Dream
  • Finding joy in the little things
  • Enacting change
  • Finding your gift



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