Centering Racial Equity and Inclusion with Tony Nabors

Centering Racial Equity and Inclusion with Tony Nabors

Tayo welcomes Tony Nabors to this week's episode of the As Told by Nomads podcast. Tony has had over 18 years of experience in anti-racism training and consulting, strategy development, public speaking, team leadership, and program management. He was the first to become a Director of DE&I for a public housing authority in the US, and has demonstrated a consistent ability to turn his observation skills about our world into educational opportunities. Today, he joins Tayo for an enlightening discussion regarding the importance of centering anti-racism.

Tony begins by sharing what it's like growing up in the City of Tacoma, Washington State's center of diversity, and being in the city's schools. He also talks about how he leverages social media for his cause, and differentiates between allyship and partnership with marginalized communities - advocating for the latter. As you listen in today to his remarkable story, you will gain invaluable insights on matters of racial justice, antiblackness and white supremacy, freedom of self-expression, and the dynamics of a DE&I career.

The Finer Details of This Episode:

  • Lessons from Tony's unusual upbringing
  • Things Tony unlearned, learned, and relearned about blackness
  • Freedom of self-expression
  • Antiblackness and white supremacy
  • Racial justice
  • Lessons on diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Affordable housing and institutional racism
  • Advocating for racial equity in digital media
  • Valuing yourself
  • The business side of an anti-racism career
  • Sustaining an anti-racism career
  • COVID's impact on racial justice
  • Partnership versus allyship


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