Building a Side Hustle Business Remotely While Working Your 9-to-5 with Brady Simpson and Alex Lakas

On this episode of the As Told by Nomads podcast, Alex Lakas and Simpson Brady join Tayo. Simpson is the CEO and Alex the Chief Creative Officer and Lead Design of Peanut, which recently got sold to Insured Nomads. They built their company as a side hustle while working in other corporations and doing so remotely without barely seeing each other. They're here to share how they built the company, what the company is, how you can do something similar, and what the future could look like.

Brady starts the conversation by sharing the pain he experienced during COVID that led him to start Peanuts - a company that began providing COVID-related information to travelers about their travel destinations and grew as other factors affecting travel other than COVID arose. Simpson and Alex then walk through their recruiting decisions and how Peanut was able to grow remotely, with the two working part-time. The guests provide more insight into their challenges, their decision to sell the company, and how this was done fairly and ethically. Finally, they end the discussion by sharing a glimpse into the future of Peanut and how they use their difference to make a difference.

The Finer Details of This Episode:

  • The inception of Peanut
  • Recruiting and growing a successful remote team
  • Building bonds remotely
  • Peanut's challenges and hurdles
  • The Peanut selling decision
  • Keeping M&As ethical and fair
  • The future of Peanut


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