Becoming a Globally Minded, Multi-Hyphenated, Ambitious Leader with Akua Nyame-Mensah

On today’s episode of the As Told By Nomads podcast, Tayo is joined by Akua Nyame-Mensah, a certified executive and leadership coach who helps leaders best focus their time and energy. From Ghana to the United States, Akua grew up on 4 continents and developed quite the distinctive world view as a result. Coming into her own identity and studying the diverse range of blackness, she not only began to value introspection, but also to reckon with her deep love for varying perspectives and their great importance.  

Nyame-Mensah made use of her multicultural background and this desire and ability to empathize through her work as a leadership coach, and today she talks about just that. Coach Akua acknowledges that people learn differently and focuses intensely on how she can best communicate her expertise, find new definitions for success, and embrace diversity. Most importantly though, Akua has used her difference as a coach to make a difference, and she continues to encourage others to embrace theirs every day. 

The Finer Details of This Episode: 

  • Growing up on 4 continents
  • Coming into Akua’s identity
  • Studying the range of blackness
  • Access to history
  • Seeing things from different perspectives 
  • The value of introspection
  • The Coaching Fellowship


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