692: Hair Pride and Inclusivity in Hollywood with Shalita Grant

Hair Pride and Inclusivity in Hollywood with Shalita Grant

Tony-nominated actress Shalita Grant publicly quit a popular television show after suffering from traction alopecia, thinning hair, and breakage in front of an audience of millions. A year and a half later, she created a patent-pending plant-based hair treatment that solved every one of her chronic and complex type 4 hair problems. In 2019, Shalita founded Four Naturals Hair in her dining room in Toluca Lake, California. It has since grown from its eponymous Hollywood hair spa into a nationwide salon and home care treatment system. The plant-based active ingredients renew, restore and rebuild even the most compromised textured hair - naturally! Since creating the Four Naturals Treatment, Shalita’s characters look the best they ever have. As an actress, wetting her curls or thermally straightening her hair is no longer the life-altering impossibility it used to be.

Shalita’s Four Naturals clients, better known as her Curlfriends, experience Black hair freedom that no other hair treatment has ever provided. Curlfriends enjoy Hawaiian vacations knowing that when they emerge from the ocean, their type 4 hair will form HD, head-turning curls rather than a hard afro. As the attached strands drop and define, the curls can also camouflage any existing issues like alopecia. Furthermore, as Black mothers start to adopt the patent-pending textured hair detangling technique, their children can experience pain-free, stress-free detangling without tears or fear.

Shalita Grant’s response to her public and traumatic hair experience didn’t lead her to quit the business or hide her hair forever. Instead, she chose to heal, both inside and out. After overcoming her own obstacles, Shalita created a standardized method to lift up other Black women still struggling with fragile, misunderstood hair.

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