685. Developing a Steel Backbone and Soft Heart with Cheryl Desantis

Developing a Steel Backbone and Soft Heart with Cheryl Desantis

Today's episode is with Cheryl Desantis. Cheryl is a purpose and values-based leader. Her values are courage, compassion, integrity and learning. Her purpose is to inspire and empower courageous transformation in leaders to bring more empathy, love and kindness to the world.

Over her career, she has worked in various industries: telecomm, professional services, start-up e-business, insurance and manufacturing as well as global roles. Before moving into HR, she had a broad background in both internal and external communications. She focused largely on internal communication strategy with an HR-related emphasis: organizational changes, benefits, pay, development, total rewards, wellness, etc. Prior to that, she held positions in advertising, marketing and PR.

Connect with Cheryl Desantis:

Personal Website: https://www.cheryldesantis.com/

Cheryl's Book: https://www.cheryldesantis.com/book

Cheryl's website: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cheryl-desantis/

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