607: The Business of Bookkeeping with Tiffani Higgins

In today's episode of the As Told by Nomads Podcast, join me and Tiffani Higgins as we find out more about the underestimated lucrative business of Bookkeeping. Tune in as Tiffani explains how she made possible her own remote bookkeeping business, the market for bookkeeping companies, what Bookkeeping has allowed her and her students' lives, the application of an entrepreneurial mindset, and so much more.

Is quitting a must to grow an entrepreneurial mindset?

Shifting to entrepreneurship when you're working as an employee takes a lot of things that need to be different. The first thing you look into when doing so is your mindset. When becoming an entrepreneur, accountability becomes—all of a sudden—your most loved/hated thing. That accountability holds you responsible for every decision made.

A very common topic that most entrepreneurs go through in decision-making is about resignation or letting go of your W-2 job. But is quitting a must to grow an entrepreneurial mindset? The answer is no. For Tiffani, this kind of mindset equips you even as an employee. If you look at your work in that fashion, having an entrepreneurial mindset helps you tap into more opportunities at work.

About Tiffani Higgins:

Tiffani Higgins is a CPA and mom of 5, and former bookkeeping business owner. After 4 years of experiencing all the amazing benefits that a virtual bookkeeping business provided to her family, she decided to launch the Stay-at-Home Bookkeeper Academy where she could teach other busy moms to follow in her footsteps and create their ideal lifestyle so they could have their cake and eat it too. This allowed families to build wealth while still getting to experience every one of their children's milestones.

Outline of the episode:

  • [03:22]Unlearning the idea of success and redefining it
  • [04:37] When we set timelines that don't match everyone's lifestyle…
  • [05:40]What is bookkeeping?
  • [08:47]Bookkeeping is a necessity to every business
  • [12:14]The slightest difference can result in significant outcomes
  • [15:22]Besides your revenue, bookkeepers help you focus on profit!
  • [17:39]Tiffani Higgins – on the employee-to-entrepreneur mindset shift
  • [19:41]What Tiffani's bookkeeping business allowed in her life
  • [22:22]How do I find clients as a new entrepreneur?
  • [25:23] Did the pandemic affect the bookkeeping industry?


Bookkeeper Academy: https://www.stayathomebookkeeper.com/start-a-virtual-bookkeeping-business

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