606: How Phoebe Millward Found Freedom

In today's episode of the As Told by Nomads Podcast, join me and Phoebe Millward as we get to know how life works for a 23-year-old entrepreneur and digital nomad. Here, Phoebe shares her thoughts on why most young professionals today struggle in the corporate environment and why the system brought by industrialization is being abandoned by the majority of the labor force. In the exchange, listen as Phoebe explains why it's totally fine to not know your passion.

What entrepreneurship does to you

In the eyes of a wandering young entrepreneur, who likes to immerse herself in the cultures of different places, entrepreneurship can be more than just money, career, and business. To be an entrepreneur takes a lot of transformation. And usually, that's because people who choose entrepreneurship choose it because they want to leave something. That something is the status quo. The status quo that's not designed for a lot of today's generation of young professionals. 

For Phoebe, when you start on your journey to being an entrepreneur, you will be made to consume a variety of elements that will contribute to your self-development. As entrepreneurship does that to you, you'll see that you're going to have to grow and keep on growing to be an entrepreneur.

About Phoebe Millward:

Phoebe Millward is an entrepreneur and traveler who likes to immerse in different cultures and live in different places and countries. She is the brain behind Prosperity Collective, a platform that shows you how to go from feeling stuck and stagnant to ENERGISED and FREE through the help of affiliate marketing. Despite affiliate marketing getting the bad reputation it usually gets from reviews and most people, Phoebe proves why and how it worked and will work for you through her platform.

Outline of the episode:

  • [03:25]Education teaches you how to get employed
  • [04:37] The remnants of the industrial revolution
  • [06:01]You're supposed to learn along the way
  • [09:11]Why Phoebe designed her own platform
  • [12:39]If you want it to work, you have to love it!
  • [16:27]What entrepreneurship teaches you
  • [20:45]Phoebe Millward's biggest fear
  • [24:24]New Zealand is where so many things changed for me
  • [27:15]Your happiness can benefit the lives of others
  • [30:50] Phoebe Millward – on taking gap years


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