601: Navigating Remote Work with Chase Warrington

In today's episode of the As Told by Nomads Podcast, join me and Chase Warrington as we talk about the today and the future of remote work. At a very young age, Chase already knew that he had an unusual fascination for foreign places and cultures. However, he didn't know how to mesh that with his career and work. With progression, Chase learned how to make that fascination his core, which eventually led him to become the head of remote at Doist. Today, Chase talks about Doist and the apps they created, why remote work works, and how remote work champions more than just employees and productivity.

Imagine What (More) Remote Work Can Do

If we're in a remote work environment, on a micro-level, there are a lot of positive impacts that are just undeniable. Compared to working in a traditional office, no one needs to commute to remote work. Every day, a commute takes up a significant amount of time and energy from a person.

Today, remote companies have also made it customary to employ diverse and global teams. For example, a remote company in America can have employees from Europe, Antarctica, and Asia. That gives an unprecedented chance to those with meager job opportunities in countries with high unemployment rates. If those impacts are scaled on a more global level, imagine what remote work can do for nature and impoverished countries with untapped pools of world-class talents.

About Chase Warrington:

Chase Warrington is a globally-minded professional with 12 years of remote work experience leading distributed teams from locations across the US, Europe, Asia, and South America. He is also the head of remote at Doist, the creators of Todoist & Twist, and a leading remote-first organization with 100+ employees spread throughout 30+ countries, spanning all time zones.

Outline of the episode:

  • [03:58]Chase Warrington – growing up as a third culture kid
  • [06:54] What is Doist?
  • [08:21]The future of what remote work can be
  • [15:38]The micro and macro-level effects of remote work environments
  • [22:32]Chase Warrington – living in Europe and stepping out to a new culture every day
  • [30:38]Everybody has different productivity hours!
  • [38:47] Continuing the remote-work nerdism…


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