600: Embracing Fullness of Self with Amy Perkins

In today's episode of the As Told by Nomads Podcast, join me and Amy Perkins as we talk about defining fullness from our own insight and our insight alone. As Amy progresses in embracing her own authenticity, she doesn't deny that pushback and doubts quickly always come following with self-development. In the discussion, Amy shares the questions why she believes being authentic doesn't always come easy for women, how she multiplies her voice and skills in career and womanhood, and how she uses her difference to make a difference while choosing not to live an average quiet life.

Self-love: More than just self-indulgence 

Skincare, eating right, buying yourself what you deserve, giving yourself enough rest – all of those are what you'd generally hear from people if you let them put 'self-love' into words. It's always a bunch of activities for today's generation of self-lovers. And they got it right for some of the parts.

For Amy Perkins, self-love isn't just getting up in the morning and "serving" yourself. Sometimes, loving yourself also means choosing yourself in situations that are no longer healthy and balanced for your sake. For Amy, self-love also believes that you are whole with or without anything else.

About Amy Perkins:

Amy is a Chief Strategy Officer in the financial services industry and has spent 25 years discovering and aligning herself with her purpose. Amy's advocacy for women, both personally and professionally, led her to spearhead the annual Women in Consumer and Finance conference. The group focuses largely on women sharing the story behind their successes with the hope of creating an environment where women can see themselves in others.

This can be validating and empowering for women who may internalize where they come from, their past decisions, education, tragedy and allow that to affect their perception of their worthiness and future career potential. Having grown up in rural America and experiencing her own set of tragedies, Amy has been on a quest to understand her own meaning of self-love and worthiness. 

Outline of the episode:

  • [02:43]When women are assertive, men see aggression.
  • [10:13]The unconscious fear to live authentically
  • [13:24]What self-love is and what it is not
  • [18:02] Amy Perkins – on being prone to self-sabotage
  • [23:58]The Women in Consumer and Commercial Finance Conference – Improving How Women Work with Other Women
  • [30:10]Modeling vulnerability and womanhood as a legacy
  • [34:10] I can live a quiet life, but…


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