598: Reinventing the Digital Landscape with Scott Belsky

In today's episode of the As Told by Nomads Podcast, join me and Scott Belsky as we speak about what works and what doesn't work in reinventing today's digital landscape. As he recalls his experience on getting an MBA, Scott admits, the value of dropping out would've probably been greater than the value of actually getting it. For him, the elements of genuine impact in a society boil down to creativity and initiative—with or without an MBA.

The Great Reassessment

During the start of the pandemic, lockdowns were gradually put into place from region to region. Because of this, most people turned to alternative mediums to keep their business going and start new businesses. One media that's an excellent example of that is Tiktok. Because contact was limited, many startup companies and SMEs leveraged the marketing capabilities and reach of the video-sharing app. But how did it all work in an app where everyone is basically just dancing?

The formula came with this generation of workers turning their back on the traditional. Because workers saw firsthand how their so-called "secure jobs" didn't secure most of them, this generation of professionals has let go of the corporate dream. As a result, this movement redirected the "dream career" hustle away from tradition and towards whatever aligns with purpose and values. The change we're seeing in the corporate field today is a product of people resigning after a resounding reassessment of what really is vital in a career.

Outline of the episode:

  • [04:24]Creativity is what makes the world interesting
  • [08:24]Self-awareness is one of the greatest…
  • [12:57]Where is the creative industry going with this rapid change?
  • [17:58]How can you tell if technological advancement is successful or not?
  • [20:51] We're all born artists; the struggle is to remain an artist. 
  • [29:26]Scott Belsky – on crypto, NFTs, and the meme culture
  • [37:31]The value of having an MBA
  • [40:47] What impact makers can expect from an industry of traditional institutions


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