597: How to Build Generational Wealth with Salvatore Buscemi

In today's episode of the As Told by Nomads Podcast, join me and Salvatore Buscemi as we talk about the thinking behind the minds of the 0.001% top investors of the world. In a time where even the youth are more focused than they've ever been in molding their life's legacy, it now begs anyone of us to question, "what do you want to leave behind as your legacy?" Salvatore explains why there's a difference between the middle class and the wealthy, how your network will help define your future, what you need to do out of your circle, and why it is crucial to weigh in your values when deciding how to invest.

Even the kids are doing it…

In the episode, Salvatore states that even the young generation today is busy and focused on making a name for themselves. To do so, they pay attention to personal branding, and they leverage the same media platforms that are essential to us in this day and age. In his book, "Investing Legacy: How the .001% Invest," Sal further explains how even the most average of the Average Joe can implement actionable steps to help them establish their legacy in life. But if you don't yet have the book, what can you do at the moment? For Sal, you can start by getting out of your circle. First, you need to identify what's comfortable to you now and start assessing what else you need to do differently from your comfort zone that can get you ahead. Second, find yourself a financial nerd. Don't call nor treat them like nerds, though, because typically, people who are adept in finance can teach you a thing or two on what you're doing wrong with your money that's holding you back. 

Outline of the episode:

  • [02:22]Who is Salvatore Buscemii?
  • [04:22]What the youth are getting into today…
  • [06:01]The difference between the middle class and the wealthy
  • [09:43]Is liquidity overrated?
  • [13:11]Get out of your circle and find a financial nerd!
  • [16:34] Sal's book on what you can do even if you're young
  • [20:24]That's middle-class BS!
  • [22:27]Do you want to be a provider or a mogul?
  • [25:43]Why are you following who you're following?
  • [31:10] Ask the questions you've never asked yourself before


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