593: Build an Intentional Business with Deana Jean

In today's episode of the As Told by Nomads Podcast, join me and Deana Jean as we speak about how one can be limitless in a life that is limited. Before, Deana was contented with staying on the frontlines of sales. But after a mentor made her realize how she could use her ability to connect to influence the development of others, Deana transitioned to consulting and coaching as a business. Today, she shares her opinions on why anybody can use a coach, the practical steps to transforming your life, why introspection and self-awareness are important, and why there is power in taking action no matter what your fear is.

Young Deana At The Job Fair

During the exchange, Deana recalled an experience she had in a job fair during her senior year in college. In that job fair, things were unfolding in her favor. Deana described herself as the type that is always ready to out-hustle anyone. She knew she had the will and the intention. As she moved around, she came across this management trainee position at SCORE! Educational Centers. By this time, Deana already bagged an offer from Freddie Mac. The offer will pay her a salary of $60-70k a year. However, the position at SCORE's only offered $30k annually. It was the early 2000s; comparing the two in terms of benefits would've been a no-brainer to most. But Deana took into consideration a different factor. For one, she knew that what SCORE! does wasn't only close to her heart but also to her mother. Knowing herself, she also knew she'd land this management position. Because the job was a management role, Deana saw a path. In her mind, Deana pictured that she would've already moved close to a salary that's at the same range as FreddieMac's offer in two to three years. To some, the choice would've easily been FreddieMac. But for Deana, it's not all about that. In her words, "I am betting on myself and my abilities to make anything happen when I am working in my zone of genius and when I'm passionate about what I'm doing."

Outline of the episode:

  • [03:30]Deana Jean – what I thought I was going to become…
  • [04:55]The ability to convince people to do things and advocate for themselves.
  • [08:01]A leap that not a lot of people are ready to take.
  • [11:47]Where do you start when figuring out your passion points?
  • [16:35]You are the person you're trying to serve.
  • [21:03]"The person who cannot identify what their transformation is worth is not my ideal client."
  • [25:12]Does the client have an abundance mindset or a lack mindset?
  • [27:32]The best athletes in the world all have coaches!
  • [32:42]Is it the job that pays $30k/year or the job that pays $70k/year? 
  • [39:25]The opposite of fear is action.


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