592: How Flexible Funding and Decolonizing Development Works with Nabeeha Kazi Hutchins

In today's episode of the As Told by Nomads Podcast, join me and Nabeeha Kazi Hutchins as we talk about why flexible funding is imperative to movement making and advocacies. As a third-culture kid, Nabeeha shares how her lived experiences of multi-culturalism helped her to grow up resilient and with an open mind. Now, as the President and CEO of PAI, Nabeeha helps us understand the colonization mindset in development as a whole, the problems that hinder easy access to quality women's reproductive healthcare, and how flexibility can be achieved in funding developmental projects and policies.


A Tough Talk About Difference

In the early 70s, being an immigrant in America wasn't as talked about as it is now. For Nabeeha's parents, preparing her for how the setting would probably differ was essential. Even though she didn't have any significant negative experiences, Nabeeha understood so many things about her difference early. For example, Nabeeha understood that she'd probably be the only brown child in her circle. She'll also probably be the only immigrant and Muslim among her friends. Because she couldn't eat pork, Nabeeha was also made to understand that there is a possibility that she would not be catered to like other kids at school. But to prepare her for all of these, Nabeeha's mom made sure that she had everything she needed. Because they don't fit with the norm, Nabeeha's mom clarified how she couldn't always expect the world to meet her needs and meet her where she is... Yes, these all sound terrible to say to a child. But for Nabeeha, that upbringing gave her the resilience and open mind that she now leads with.


Outline of the episode:

●    [03:20] Nabeeha's early years

●    [06:06] Growing up in a multi-cultural household…

●    [08:00] A parent's role is critical when raising third-culture kids

●    [13:29] How did Nabeeha navigate through her field of career?

●    [16:10] Following your curiosities can attract the right opportunities.

●    [18:11] What is PAI?

●    [20:11] The cross-cutting effects of accessible quality health care and advanced education on sexual and reproductive rights to young women

●    [24:35] What are some of the biggest barriers that hinder the advancement of better reproductive health care for young women?

●    [29:04] The colonization mindset in development

●    [32:20] We need to be flexible when it comes to fundings!

●    [35:07] Where do accountability, awareness, and mechanism come in?


Website: https://pai.org/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nabeeha-kazi-hutchins-31ba286/


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